We Have a Sliding Fee Scale for group Acupuncture 

Our Sliding scale is $25-$40,   We never ask for any proof of income.  The only thing we want from you is for you to try acupuncture and see how it can work for you. You and your Acupuncturist will figure out how frequently you need to come to gain and maintain wellness.

Acupuncture is a process sometimes a complaint or issue may be resolved in one treatment but, in most cases a client needs to be seen weekly or even bi weekly in the beginning to get things going and lead to healing & relief.  We want to keep therapy affordable so that you can receive Acupuncture regularly so you can get and stay better.

We are able to keep our rates low because we see multiple people in a hour who come in at staggered times. We also utilize the virtual receptionist system, and online booking.

Many conditions can be treated in the recliners, using distal points, meridian theory, ear and hand acupuncture, using Classical Chinese and Japanese techniques. But if your issue requires a massage table such as for back or hip work a table is available.