Virtual Receptionist

On your first visit your therapist will show you the virtual receptionist system.

If you are new client please fill in your paper work which will be available on a clip board, your therapist will get you at your treatment time. 

 Returning clients are asked to prior to sitting in their treatment chair to:

  • Sign in with your 1st name and last initial and make a note if you have to leave by a certain time

  • Deposit the fee into the cash box located by the door with a sticky with your name on it or with  receipt (see below)

  • If a receipt is needed please enter the amount & date on the receipts provided and take the top copy. Put the second copy in the cash box to maintain your privacy. If credit is used please give the card to your therapist to process

  • Don’t forget to re-book your next treatment, if you jot it  on the calendar available we will enter it for you.

Treatment Tips

  • Please refrain from visiting and chatting with others, and use a low voice, we are in a QUIET space.

  • Grab some ear plugs or a blanket if you wish

  • Turn off your wireless devices

  • Arrive comfortably dressed, so your practitioner work efficiently without your clothing restricting movement and that we can access to your arms and legs.

  • If you are a New Patient, please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to allow time to fill out the intake forms.

  • Remove your shoes in Alcove if soiled.

  • We ask that you refrain from wearing fragrances in the clinic. Many patients, including those undergoing chemotherapy and pregnant women are especially sensitive to chemicals and scents.

  • Try to have something to eat about an hour before your treatment. Also try to set aside some time to rest and your body to settle after a treatment

  • Please do not bring food or beverages other than water or tea in sealed bottle

  • If you need to have your needles removed or share something with your therapist please give her a wave, meaningful look or nod or ring the bell provided