Whole Health Community Acupuncture is one of many Community Acupuncture clinics in Canada and the USA. We are proud member of the cooperative, POCA  “The Peoples Organization of Community Acupuncture”. POCA was established with the goal to provide affordable Acupuncture to nearly everyone. Clients, students and clinics can be POCA members. POCA also works at providing liberation acupuncture. For more information on POCA and Liberation Acupuncture please visit www.pocacoop.com


Why Group Acupuncture?

In our clinic therapy is provided in a group community treatment room. The benefits of this include;

  • Low overhead to allow more affordable treatments, allowing better treatment outcomes when Acupuncture can be done regularly as indicated

  • A sense of community and the ability for friends and family to come together

  • The client can control how long they stay in the clinic, some like to snooze with their needles for an hour, While others are recharged in 20 minutes. You are welcome to stay as long as you need as long as your chair is not needed.

  • Finally the sharing of a healing space in a group can strengthen an individual’s treatment

We Maintain a Quiet Space

We ask for a quiet environment with low voices, no excessivechatting in the chairs and no electronic devices on, to allow all clients to rest and relax together in a collective stillness. We limit our talking in the treatment room but please let us know if your need time to discuss a private issue with your therapist and we can book a private time.